I am not a professional genealogist, just an enthusiastic amateur.  I’ve started this blog to record my experiences in researching not just my own family tree, but a one-name study (ONS) on the surname Grayling.  I also have been diagnosed with depression and general anxiety disorder.  My experiences of mental illness may impact on my posts.

I have been working on my family tree for some years.  When I started I knew nothing and learnt what I was doing as I was going on.  Both my father and my Aunt have also been working on the tree.  I have, therefore, concentrated on my mother’s side with them concentrating on their line.  In common with many families who end up in London, our ancestors come from all over the place, but very few of them come from outside England, which is unusual and surprising given my DNA ethic breakdown which shows only 10% Great Britain and 21% Celt.

My ONS is my current project.  I am currently gathering data on every record with the surname Grayling or variants in Britain.  At a later stage I will be widening my study to include the rest of the world.  More on that in my next post!


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